Remodeling Services

Our Approach To Delivering The Best Craftsmanship- From Start To Finish.

Kitchen Projects

They say the heart of every home is the kitchen. So, when you think of remodeling your kitchen, do you imagine lots of counter space, more room to work, modern appliances, and cabinets customized to your needs? Designing dream kitchens, and keeping them on budget and on schedule is what we do every day at Shore Construction & Remodel. Our professional kitchen remodelers and designers will create custom solutions that transform the kitchen you live with into the one you’ve always dreamed of.



Bathroom Projects

Because we all deserve a spa-like experience in our own homes! When it comes to bathrooms, are you looking to convert an old tub to a full Jacuzzi tub?  Perhaps replace an outdated layout with a modern standup shower system? Do your fixtures need to be moved and redesigned? Whatever your specific desires are, our team can work with an existing layout or completely redesign the entire flow to transform your bathroom into a real oasis.

All remodel project follow the same process with extreme detail… Stet this?

The Initial Consultation: First Concepts

We take note of what you already have, taking measurements and determining what could work well for both your wants and needs in the available space. You may decide to add square footage or flip the whole house, but it all starts with our in-home consultation. This is where your imagination can run as wild as you like!

Existing Space: Gathering Details

You’ll have 2-3 floor plans to choose from, with options that consider structural and design elements as well as necessities like zoning and HOA restrictions. At this point, we’ll help you weigh the pros and cons of each design concept so you can best choose the look and feel of your new soon-to-be living space.

Future Space: Sketching Ideas Out

As the design phase progresses, your personal designer will analyze the space as it is now and work with you to better determine your unique style and desires. Together, we’ll assist in exploring several design options. Also during this phase, your designer will begin creating more concrete concept images for your review.

Detailed Design: Timely Decisions

Now in our process, we’re getting to the really fun stuff! As we work with you on making more detailed decisions, our design team will help you ultimately define the extent of your project. Here, we’ll help you lay out project costs, timeline, and final building plans- all with your parameters in mind.

Detailed Design: Keeping Your Remodel on Schedule

At this step, we’ll still be guiding you on making some very specific and crucial decisions towards the construction phase of your project. For example, where will walls, windows, and doors be placed? For kitchen projects, appliance selections are due. Your designer will be close to presenting your final detailed plans/drawings. Now will be your chance to make a few final modifications. At this point, you’ll really be able to see your ideas and dreams start to come alive!

Making Your Materials Selections: Decisions for Your New Space

Once the production team has come out and evaluated the space, giving them a better picture of what’s to come, you’ll meet your project manager again. He or she will help you select materials and finishes, which can range from cabinetry to tile, light fixtures and so much more!

Construction Agreement and Final Drawings

Based on your design requirements and feedback thus far, we’ll put together a fixed-price contract that will outline the full cost of your remodel. This is generated by our cloud-based estimating system so you can be sure that the pricing will be comprehensive and accurate. Once we settle on a budget, it’s time to get started. Our customers love that we are transparent and upfront with our competitive pricing model- no hidden costs to be found here!

Pre-Construction Begins

Here we will schedule your Pre-Construction meeting and walk-through. Based on the depth of your project, we’ll fix you up with a start and end date, so you can help your family plan how you’ll occupy the space while you remodel. We’ll give you tips on how to best plan for this part of the project, as many homeowners don’t think of this ahead of time. Don’t worry, your project manager will be available to hold dedicated and regular meetings throughout the course of the project to assist in anything that comes up. You’re in good hands!

The Real Work Begins- Relax and Let Us Take Care of You!

At the first step of the actual construction phase, we’ll obtain all the necessary permits from state and local entities. We’ll tell you what to expect during this phase by sharing the sequence of events, and how we’ll be working together throughout. During the construction phase, you’ll have a lot of questions about what’s going on. You can track project progress any time, 24/7 on our digital project management platform, Builder Trend, as well as schedule meetings with your dedicated project manager. We are here for you each step of the way!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Space is Complete!

Your project manager will make sure the team stays on track, complete the final home inspections in a timely manner, and lastly, perform YOUR final walk-through to determine that you got exactly what you signed for. Simply put: we’re not satisfied until you are! Welcome to your beautiful home!


Peace of mind comes from knowing that your home is well-cared for and in good repair. At Shore Construction & Remodel, we understand that your house is more than where you sleep at night: it is the center of your life and one of your largest assets. That’s why Shore Construction & Remodel offers all clients an industry-leading 2-year warranty on all work we perform.

In fact, we send our clients warranty reminder cards two months prior to warranty expiration. We will stand behind our craftsmanship- no matter the size of the project! Should any unexpected issues arise, we will do what it takes to make it right. We want you to be a client for life!